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Field Equipment Kits and Training Videos

Over the past few months we’ve been busily training lots of people for the AUSMAP program and we are excited to see our network of participants grow. Many are already regularly carrying out sampling of their local shorelines and sending back their results, so we can begin to build our microplastic hotspot map.

To coincide with this, we have started issuing our AUSMAP Field Equipment Kits which contain all the bits you need to carry out your microplastic sampling. We’ve tested the kits ourselves in a few locations and they are working great! If you need a kit, or any extra sieves to carry out the program be sure to send us an email at

Our new training videos are currently on the editing room floor and will be ready shortly. This short series of videos will outline the step by step step by step instructions on how to set up your site and carry out your own microplastic surveys.

Written by: Kylie Tymoszuk (Strategic Coordinator)

Photos: Kylie Tymoszuk



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