Engaging communities in citizen science, to connect them to the natural world and inspire change for a sustainable future. 

It’s hard to solve a problem you can’t see. So we’re putting microplastic pollution on the map!

"At AUSMAP we're busy mapping pollution hotspots around Australia, building a network of data collectors whose work will help to save our river systems and coastlines. This is a nationwide citizen science project so you too can join our dedicated team of scientists, activists and researchers – welcome to AUSMAP!”

Program Director, Dr Michelle Blewitt


the plastic problem

Until recently microplastic pollution presented scientists with a crisis that was invisible to the human eye. If no one could see the scale of the problem, how could we convince communities and government to engage with the biggest threat to ocean wildlife, and the human food chain, that has emerged in our lifetime?

the ausmap solution

Now we have AUSMAP - an ambitious coalition

of school students, environment groups, universities and educators gathering critical new data about microplastic in our waterways. Using the data collected by our network of citizen scientists and researchers, AUSMAP is creating vivid maps of microplastic pollution hotspots around Australia. Our

work will enable communities and government to implement behaviour change, regulate industry, and

develop better waste management systems. 

Solutions come fast when you can actually see the problem!

you can make a difference!

Join our sample teams, train as an educator, help us build the network that will save our aquatic ecosystems from microplastic pollution.


Be the first to hear about training days, the latest results from our data, research in microplastics, and much more! 


AUSMAP is a program of the Total Environment Centre, with the generous support of initial funding from the Coca Cola Global Foundation.

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