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We all spend too much time behind our screens. Especially with remote work on the rise, many businesses see that their employees can use a break from behind the screen and reconnect with their team. 


Are you looking for an outdoor team building activity that is hands-on, environmentally engaged and that is educational? Our AUSMAP corporate team building activities could be just perfect for you and your team. 


Team Building benefits for staff

  • Time away from the laptop

  • teaches your team something new

  • Refreshing outdoor air at our beach sampling locations

  • Leaving the day feeling accomplished

  • Learning new skills and knowledge

  • Reconnect with their team in nature

  • Leaves your team refreshed and re-engaged

  • Provides problem-solving skills


Environmental team development


Plastic Pollution, and in particular microplastics, causes many problems in our environment. 

  • They are known to be eaten by wildlife and humans

  • Release toxic chemicals that are attached to the microplastics

  • Cannot be digested and can cause death in small animals

  • Have known negative effects on humans


Many corporations and businesses are now looking to help fight this problem by setting up a corporate sustainability program.


Providing your team with an educational and sustainable team building day is perfect to engage your staff in a positive way that fits into your sustainability targets! 


"As a sport that is powered by nature, SailGP works with local partners in every city we visit on projects to engage our staff, teams and stakeholders and raise awareness of the sustainability issues our planet is facing. 


SailGP was delighted to partner with AUSMAP ahead of the Sydney SailGP 2020 and join them to collect data alongside their scientists and experts.  We thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience of contributing to a piece of research that will help find solutions to the global issue of plastic pollution. 


It was much more than just your standard beach clean."

Alexandra Rickham

Sustainability Program Manager - SailGP

The AUSMAP Corporate Team Building Day

Sustainability and the environment are hot topics these days and for good reason. Your team might be talking about how to reduce their daily plastic consumption already, but what if they could learn more?


On the AUSMAP corporate team building days, participants will learn

  • Learn about the growing problem with plastic waste, specifically microplastics 

  • The difference between macro and microplastics 

  • How they can be part of the solution

  • Gain Hands-On Experience 


Our environmental team building activity is focused fully on giving your team a positive experience so they can actively contribute to solving a bigger problem and walk away with something they can do in their own lives. 

What your team will be doing


Get all their questions answered


Work in teams to find microplastics


Hands-on field-based activity in identifying microplastics.


Beach Cleanup that contributes to national macro debris database


Learn about citizen science and how they can play a part!


The option to learn from a recognised scientist 

"I very much enjoyed working with AUSMAP to provide an engaging and educational experience for corporate volunteers. AUSMAP is doing brilliant work and their team is so passionate and knowledgeable. I would recommend getting involved in this project as a really tangible contribution towards tackling microplastics and plastic pollution!"

Ariahne Thompson 
Workplace Giving & Corporate Engagement Manager - WWF Australia


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