WE put the MAP in AUSMAP

The first phase of our interactive hotspot map is here!

The AUSMAP hot spot map is a searchable and interactive map that allows our community to see where microplastics have been found in Australia.


It shows the average quantity of microplastics per square metre found in each location for each sampling session. It also shows the colour, type and size of the microplastics.

Green  -  Very Low:  < 10

Yellow - Low: between 11 - 50

Orange - Moderate: between 51 - 250

Red - High: between 251 – 1,000

Black - Very High: > 1,000


  • Use the search bar in the top right corner to search for any location.

  • Click on a location marker and zoom in or out.

  •  Click on dot marker for your chosen survey point to show pop-up box with all the details of the microplastic survey.
    This includes: the average of microplastics per square metre and a breakdown of the microplastics found by colour, shape, size and type.


  • If more than one survey has been carried out at a particular location, the historical data is available by clicking on the down arrow next to the date.

  • Each dot marker represents the location and microplastic load /m2 recorded according to the following scale.

    More data is added continuously, so if you do not see your sampling session, it will be added shortly!


AUSMAP is a program of the Total Environment Centre, with the generous support of initial funding from the Coca Cola Global Foundation.

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