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Purchasing AUSMAP merchandise helps us raise important funds to deliver training programs in councils, communities and schools.

Coconut Cellulose Scrub Sponge

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Product Details

Our cellulose coconut fiber scrubber is a testament to nature’s cleaning prowess. Made from sustainably sourced coconut fibers and wood pulp cotton, it tackles grime with ease and decomposes naturally, leaving no trace behind. Swap for sustainability today!

Usage instructions:

  • Do not use hot water which is over 60oC and do not ring it out hard
  • Wash it before using & replace regularly to keep clean
  • It is normal that the natural wood pulp cotton is a little wet after unsealing
  • It is easily broken when folded in dry condition
  • Do not use detergent which contains bleach or strong ingredients
  • It is normal that the colour of the wood pulp cotton is slightly faded when unpacking, and which can be repeated after washing and drying.
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