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AUSMAP Event Update

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Our Regional Hubs have done a fantastic job in engaging local schools & local community groups to participate in AUSMAP during the year, thanks so much!

The Hubs are a vital part of the program as they have committed to providing loan kits to AUSMAP trained participants, as well as coordinating regular sampling of their local waterways. Their hard work & dedication helps provides us with a more comprehensive data set, particularly with repeated sampling in specific locations, to provide insight into how microplastics impact the environment over time.

Thanks again for all of those that have contributed!

Since July 2018, we have completed 25 training days around the country, with close to 500 newly accredited AUSMAP Leaders! Each training day is undertaken in a strategic location where the participants experience hands-on training in microplastic surveying. All of these results contribute to our data set & will soon be included in our interactive map!

Our most recent training day took us all the way to Thursday Island, what a beautiful location! While most plastic pollution in our waterways is a result of stormwater runoff, here on the remote islands in the Torres Strait, most debris comes ashore across our oceans from our SE Asian neighbours.

Image 1 by M. Blewitt: Field sampling on Goods Island, Torres Strait

Image 2 by M. Blewitt: Teaching the local indigeous students from Tagai State College, Friday Island, Torres Strait.

Image 3 by K. Tymoszuk: Corporate volunteering, Athol Beach, Sydney Harbour Image 4: Living Ocean's Ocean Week in Nov 2019, Avalon Beach NSW

Image 5: Santa Sabina College with Observatory Hill EEC , Chowder Bay NSW

Image 6: Seaside Scavange in Dec 2019, Cronulla Beach NSW

Image 7: Coke Corporate Day

Image 8: Macquarie University students sampling at Jervis Bay NSW in Sep 2019

Image 9: Lane Cove Council Sustainability Fair, Oct 2019

It is really important that if you are planning an AUSMAP event in your local region, whether it is a school group, community or you are just on your own, be sure to let us know! It is crucial that we know of where & when these events take place - just drop us an email on

Please note new address to send samples:


PO Box K61

Haymarket, NSW, 1240



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